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As a small boy, Neville had a total fascination with anything that crawled, crept or flew. When Neville was five years old his father showed him an adult Blue-tongue lizard and it was from this point that reptiles became his consuming passion. Neville kept a substantial collection of Blue tongue lizards and caught his first venomous snake, a juvenile Eastern brown when he was eight. Although it was only small, as the second most venomous land snake in the world, this was NOT a smart move and Neville’s message to members of the public, especially children, is to avoid snakes in the wild.
Some other highlights in Neville's career; 
  • Lectured to senior nursing staff at Griffith Base Hospital, NSW, Australia 
  • Suplied and handled live crocodiles for movies and television series e.g. The Last Resort and Young Einstein  
  • Supplied 16 foot cast of saltwater crocodile for croc attack sequence in "Crocodile Dundee" the movie 
  • Mounted large display of snakes and crocodiles for the World Scout Jamboree and Mondial at Cateract NSW 
  • Produced educational snake video for NSW schools and public libraries 
  • Appeared in and did voice-over for Webster's Publishing DVD "Snakes of Australia" 
  • Guided scientists from Australia and USA on field trip to find Australia's only officially listed endangered snake The Broad Headed Snake (hoplocephalus bungaroides) for university studies by Professor Rick Shine